Saturday, February 7, 2015

Morning Anticipation

I can never tell what time it is when I wake up in David's bedroom. There are no clocks, and the window is covered with blackout curtains so that not even a peep of sunlight ever finds its way into the room. It can be a little bit disconcerting to have no concept of time. It feels almost like being in a sensory depravation chamber. Of course, none of my other senses are being deprived. The vision of his sculpted body. The feeling of his smooth skin against mine.  The sound of his moans as I taste and smell his manhood. These senses are all intensified, as if to compensate for my lost sense of time.  

When I awoke this morning, I didn't know if it was 4am or 1pm. It didn't matter, really. I had no reason to get out of bed, especially not with this beautiful, naked man lying next to me. I looked over at him. He was so peaceful, laying next to me with his eyes closed. So handsome. My eyes moved from his face down to his uncovered chest. It was so smooth. Well-defined, but not bulky. I found myself imagining the way it felt against my own bare chest. I could feel my nipples getting hard as I began to daydream about our naked bodies rubbing together. My pussy tingled and moistened. Was he awake? I'm certain he wouldn't mind if I woke him up for sex, but he looked so serene that I couldn't bear to disturb him, despite the growing hunger between my legs. I stared up at the ceiling, wanting him, for what felt like an hour, although I'm sure it was only a few minutes. Maybe I could just go back to sleep for a bit. I turned onto my side, facing away from him. A moment later, he turned onto his side and spooned me, slipping his arm arm around my waist from behind.

So he was awake. Had he been lying awake next to me that entire time, wanting me the way I'd been wanting him? Wondering if I was awake? I could feel his hand resting lightly on my stomach. I wanted so badly for him to move it downward. My eager, moist pussy awaited his touch, but he didn't move. I considered guiding his hand between my legs, but found that I was actually enjoying the anticipation of waiting for him to make his move. So I waited. And waited. And nothing happened. Had he fallen back asleep? Was he teasing me on purpose? He stirred, slightly. Here he goes. This is it. Any moment now I will feel his fingers making their way between my legs. But I didn't. Instead, he rolled onto his back, removing his arm from around my waist in the process.

What now? My pussy was so wet I could feel it on my thighs. I didn't know how much longer I could stand this delicious anticipation. I was growing impatient. It was time to take action. I rolled toward him and put my head on his chest as my fingers circled his nipple, and then made their way down to his stomach. I hesitated for some time before going lower. I knew, as my hand rested on his belly, that he was awake. I knew he was anticipating the feeling of my hand on his cock, but didn't yet know if that was my intention. This tease - this buildup - was all a part of the game. When I finally moved my hand down further and lightly stroked his soft penis, he let out a gasp. Was it a gasp of pleasure? Of relief? Perhaps a little bit of both. I slowly and gently caressed his cock, feeling it grow firm right in the palm of my hand. When it had reached its full, beautiful glory, I tilted my head up and kissed him. He moaned into my mouth as I stroked up and down his shaft. I removed my hand from between his legs and crawled on top of him, straddling him so that my vulva was pressed against his cock. I gyrated up and down, back and forth, until his entire member was moist from my juices. We kissed. We moaned. We both wanted so badly for him to enter me, but were enjoying the tease too much to take it further.

Finally, he reached down and guided himself into my hungry pussy. "Oh, dear god," he moaned, as his cock slid inside of me. I pressed against him, forcing him deeper, as deep as he could go. I ground my hips, moaning as his pelvis rubbed against my swollen clit. I pulled away, rising to the top of his cock, then slid back down. My movement was slow at first, but gradually grew faster. I could hear the squishing sound of his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy and it turned me on even more. He heard it, too, and smiled. He knew. He knew that this was the sound of my desire. He knew that, as he'd been wanting me, I had been wanting him just as much. And we both knew that our anticipation and desire for each other would soon push us over the edge. I could already feel the pressure building inside of me, and I could tell from his moans that he was close. I considered slowing down. Maybe, if I slowed my pace, we'd both last longer. But this wasn't the time for drawing things out. We'd been doing that all morning. This was what we'd been waiting for. After all of the anticipation and expectation, this was our reward. So I didn't slow down, I went faster. And faster. Until finally...

"Oh god!" I screamed out.
"Oh fuck, yes!" He yelled.
His cock pulsed inside of my trembling vagina as we both came.

Finally, we were satisfied. We were also exhausted. Our lovemaking, from the moment of penetration to the moment of climax, had only lasted a few minutes, but in reality we'd been seducing each other all morning. I guess all of that anticipation really took a lot out of us. I can't wait to try it again.

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